Biomics & Chemics Consultancy (BCC) is an independent consultancy company dedicated to offering customer-oriented advice for complex biological and chemical problems.


  • You are looking for a solution for a complex biological and / or chemical problem
  • You find no satisfactory answer or solution for product and production related questions
  • You are seeking a reliable and professional partner that offers you a customized solution
  • Your company does not have a lab to your analysis you have no experience in finding a competent lab

Then we offer you

  • A profound analysis of your question or problem
  • Converting your questions into research items
  • Interpretation of the analysis results
  • A customized solution
  • Advice on interpreting analysis results performed by third parties professional and confidential approach

We can help you in your search for a solution

BCC offers flexible arrangements to accommodate each client’s unique situation. Consultation can be on an hourly, project or long-term basis and can be on-site, by phone and/or by e-mail.