Biological consultancy

Biological consultancy animal

BCC offers its expertise in all -omics domains such as genomics, transcriptomics, metabolomics and proteomics in animals and similar biological processes. To carry out the analyzes we work together with specialized and certified laboratories worldwide. Our team ensures that your analyzes are carried out by the appropriate laboratory. We also take care of the interpretation of your analyzes in the context of your specific question and follow the process closely.

In particular, BCC has the knowledge and experience to interpret complex genotypes and genomic indexes and to use them efficiently in day-to-day practice and in supervising breeding programs that focus on improving complex desired characteristics and reducing complex undesirable characteristics and diseases.

Biological plant analysis

BCC offers its expertise in the field of molecular analysis techniques and analyzes of plant hormones, mainly in the context of plant-microbe interactions and phytopathology, but with possible expansion to plant development in general. We also provide advice for the sampling. The processing of the samples is carried out in optimally equipped specialized laboratories and the interpretation of the data is done by BCC.

BCC can assist with the drafting of project applications and can provide scientific advice and make textual and linguistic improvements to scientific and / or vulgarising publications. BCC can also make literature studies of plant and microbe-related topics and summarize the most important findings in a well-organized report.

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